Is this the same chicken??? Please Help!!


May 16, 2015
Hi, I have buff Orpingtons. There was this really sweet hen (Goldie) that would come every time to get a hug and get carried. It's been a week that she has not given any love nor interest. I'm starting to think that perhaps something happened to her. I went looking for her trying to tell her apart by her comb and color. But I'm just so confused is this the same chicken??? The first picture was taken a year ago when she was only 6 months.
Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :) I'm sorry, I can't tell if it is the same chicken. With my chickens, I try and find something that is slightly different in each one (with my Mille Fleur d'Uccles I tell by how much white and black are in their plumage, sometimes I tell by how light or dark they are, etc.).
Thank you! I'm glad I joined too!
I was able to tell which one it was by the color and how she was always looking to be carried.. She would always run to me. Looking at the combs I can see some similarities. And the same black mole on it. But she won't come anymore. :( a week ago she still came to me. As you can see this is why I loved her..... If she is the same.. What would cause her to change her attitude towards me??
( I'm worried my mom accidentally sold her or she was a victim of our neighbors dogs since they come to the front yard a lot)
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Looks like the same chicken to me -the comb is the same just larger in the newest picture. The comb is a bit off just like the earlier photo. I don't think two chickens would have a comb like that.

If the neighbors dogs are harassing your birds, you need to harass. them back. Are you allowed to run a few strands of electrified fence on the outside of your coop/run to persuade them to visit other neighbors instead. If you need to beef up security - poultry wire if any, only keeps chickens inside, it does nothing to stop predators from ripping it and getting in to your flock.

You could check out the predator threads to see how to best protect your birds. It's not a matter of what gets your birds, it's a matter of when - and I suspect soon, if not his dogs, something else.

Birds change attitude often, Sometimes it is due to hormonal changes. Has she started laying yet? Some get anxious about it not knowing what is going to happen. If so after she has laid some eggs she may go back to being the hen you remember.
@drumstick diva I really hope it's her and she gets out of her mood. She has been laying since last summer. Perhaps she is getting in broody mode? :/ or even the fact that we downsized and sold some chickens??

The dogs don't come into our backyard, we only have the backyard fenced. Luckily when we did have them coming in our neighbor was nice enough to re home the dog. They do however come around the front yard and it be easy for them to get ahold of my girls. Our chickens have started wondering off to the front. We are in the process of making a run for them and not have them free range for their protection. I'm going to look into the electric fence.

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