Is this too small?


8 Years
May 16, 2012
So we recently moved to the country and wanted to get chickens. Our babies are now 9 weeks old and there are 6 of them. We purchased a kit to put together. It says it is for 6 chickens but now I am wondering if it really is. It has 4 laying boxes on the back. We plan to move it around the yard every few days to keep the grass nice and to give the chickens new grass to enjoy.

We don't yet have tools really to build much. We did put wheels on the coop and will make other modifications as well to make it easy to move and hopefully external access to fill food and water.

We also have 4 ducklings and 3 brand new bantam chicks that will need some place to live. Not sure what we will do about that yet! Thankfully we have a few weeks?

If this coop is too small for our 6 chickens, maybe it would be good for the bantams (with 2 more added to make their flock?)

Is there something rather easy to build without costly tools we could make for the 6 chickens or ducks?

Most prefab coops are listed for too many birds. The minimum would be 4 or 5 sq. ft. per bird in the coop, and 10 sq. ft. per bird in the run. More room is always better; if you can free range, that's great, but there will still be plenty of times when the birds will have to be locked in. Some breeds are much quieter and less active than others; that's also a factor. My bantams live with the full sized birds; they are raised together and have more than the minimum space. That's a cute coop, but looks pretty small. Mary

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