Is this unusual?

Mama Hen Chris

9 Years
Aug 24, 2010
Peoria, AZ
I was so excited when my EE laid her 1st egg on February 2nd. Then on the 5th, another and then another on the 11th. She was 26 weeks old when she started. Well here it is 4 weeks later and no more eggs from her.

She is eating, pooping and acting like the rest of the gals and looks very healthy to me. I see no signs of egg eating or her laying them somewhere else in the run. Either my daughter or myself is home to observe at any given time and she does not seem interested in laying anymore beautiful green eggs.
We even have a web cam so I can watch from work.

Is this unusual for a gal to stop laying just when she started? Her comb is pink again and not red. We provide a light that comes on at 5 a.m. and goes off at 7:00 p.m. in their run and coop.

I miss my green eggs.

Josephine (caught her in mid sit)

The girls eggs
No, it's not unusual for them to stop. Their bodies are adjusting to the egg laying process. Just give her some time and she'll start giving you green eggs again.
All of my EE hens did that, had me tearing my hair out.

LOVE the cross stitched rooster!
Same here. I was worried about that too but asked on here a couple of years ago and was told that is just the way they are. They bless us with those pretty eggs whenever they feel like it! It is so true. I have found no rhyme or reason, they start and stop when ever. The only thing I have noticed is I have 2 of them and when one starts or stops the other follows suit within a few days
Thanks for putting my mind at ease everyone. I am just relieved that it isn't something serious. I guess when Josephine is good and ready, I'll get another pretty egg.
I will just have to wait patiently.
Wow. I came to this forum tonight with the exact same problem! A few weeks ago our EE gifted us with 3 gorgeous green eggs, but nothing since then. I was worried that she might be impacted so I'm glad to hear that this is normal. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

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