Is this usual?


7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
Hi, we are hatching quail eggs for the first time (first time hatching anything). These were shipped eggs so I know the hatch rate will be much lower. We had 2 hatch yesterday (about day 16 1/2) and one more today. Only one other egg looks like it has pipped. That means 20 are doing nothing at all. I know Coturnix hatch around day 18 which would be early tomorrow morning. Is it usual that they would hatch this spread out?

Even just getting the three has been so fun, we are already planning on hatching some chicks next.
My cots always hatch on 16 days like they're supposed to. There's always 1 or 2 that hatch out 12 hours early then BLAMO!! it's like a pan of popcorn poping. Then the next day there's always 1 or 2 late hatchers.

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