Is this vent gleet or something else?


Apr 14, 2019
DA63C51E-5263-49EF-9E5E-F5B253C4A3BC.jpeg F37EB89F-A168-4C52-B161-726E5F958DEE.jpeg One of my girls appears to have a yellowish dirty bum. Is this vent gleet or is it something else?

We noticed it two days ago. First night I thought it was yolk as one of my 15 girls was laying soft eggs (not sure which of the 15). Hubby held her while I cleaned it off. Only on the hair. The vent looks normal and healthy. Then the next day it was like in the picture. My husband held her and I cleaned it off again. This is when I thought maybe it’s more than a yolk so we gave her a tbsp of plain Greek yogurt and added 1/4 cup of Braggs apple cider vinegar to the communal 5 gal waterer.

Today is about 1/4 of the mess yesterday and the day before was. Tonight when hubby gets home we will clean her again.

What do you think it is? And should I be doing anything different?

No one else appears to have it.

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Looks like she's getting poop stuck to her feathers, but it's hard to tell.
Is she laying eggs o.k.? You mention it looks like egg yolk - has she been laying any soft shelled eggs?

Give her a good wash up, clean off the feathers really well, you may need to trim the fluff just a little bit. If the vent doesn't have a pasty discharge that smells yeasty, it probably is not vent gleet.

The ACV and yogurt won't hurt her, so no problem there. Check her crop to make sure it's emptying overnight. If you can, get some photos of her poop and collect a sample to get tested for worms. Check her for lice/mites while you are bathing her.

There's some photos of Vent Gleet in the link

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