Is three a crowd?


7 Years
May 14, 2012
Hertfordshire England
Hi, I've recently got three chickens, I've nnoticed that two of them seem to stay together most of the time, dust bath together and roost together ect while the other one will roost on th opposite end of the run! Should I feel sad for her? I don't know if she wants to be alone to sleep ect or if she's being left out? Ive had them from five days old so they have always been together. I'm too scared to leave them out in the run all night in case of foxes so I go and take them off their perches when it gets dark and put them all in the coop together. I think they would all sleep in the run thou cos they don't take themselves into the coop at night, is this cos the coop is low to the ground? Is it mean to make them go in the coop at night if it's not of their choosing? Also worried they would be cold left out all night! I've also tried them with banana grapes and broccoli but they are not impressed with any of it, do I have fussy chickens or do they just take time to get used to new things?
I have 3 chickens too, and am fairly new to the whole thing. From what I understand, chickens establish a pecking order (pun intended!), and so to my mind there are 2 possibilities: 1) the solitary chicken is the leader, and the others are giving her her due respect and space, or 2) she's at the bottom of the pecking order, and so gets last choice with roosting spots, etc. Either way, I don't think there's a whole lot that can be done - just allow them establish their own order and they should get along fine. How old are they??
As for the food, we were giving them everything we heard they liked, and they weren't taking much notice, so I thought we had fussy hens too. Until recently - now they eat almost everything. Mine started laying about 7-10 days ago, and seem more adventurous with their eating habits lately. I wouldn't worry though, as long as they're eating their layers pellets or mash and drinking water, they'll be getting everything they need.
Thanks that's really helpful, they are 11 weeks old. They eat the chick crumbs and drink water so not worried just thought it would entertain them to have treats, you know give them something to do, I left the chopped grapes in a bowl in the run and when I checked they are now scattered about so may have achieved some entertainment value after all, can't tell if they have actually eaten any or just played with them but that's ok. I'm not even sure if it's the same two always together either come to think of it as its normally dark when I put them to bed, and their feathers seem to change over night! I could always tell them apart but now it's becoming differ cult! Not expecting eggs for some time yet think its about 5 to 6 months they start laying? Think I'll just think of her being in charge that way it won't make me sad for her, she doesn't seem sad anyway think its just me and my human emotions! Lol she couldn't care less! Lol
As my chooks weren't impressed with my offerings of banana,grapes or broccoli I'm happy to report I've found something their happy with! I pulled up some long grass and dandelions this morning,tied them round the stalks and hung them from a perch, they loved it , jumping up to get some, they looked like they were having fun, one even came over to me and just put her head in my hand briefly! Is that chicken for thanks? Lol :D

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