ISA Attacked by Dog


6 Years
May 18, 2013
One of my ISA Browns was bitten by my dog and has a golf ball flap of skin torn on her back. I rinsed it good with warm water, used hydrogen peroxide and then gooped Neosporin and folded the flap over. I have her separated in a 3' x 3' tote. All looks good but the wound has a green puss around it. Is this a infection or just a part of the healing process. Also I tried to let her play with the rest of the flock and two started pecking at her head and chasing her. I've been reading on how to introduce a new hen but didn't think that a hen returning after only 4 days would be treated like this. Also all of my girls are missing a few feathers from their back. Ive caught a few of them pecking at each other, is this normal? Are they bored? I have 6 hens, A leghorn, A silver and golden Wyandotte, 2 ISA Browns and a Americana. My run is 6' x 12' and the coop is 6' x 4'. I have perches, hay bails, and treats. These Girls are spoiled. Always clucking, just not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.
The flap probably got infected. I would put her in the sink in soapy water and try to wash the area, get the puss off, and see it the flap will come loose again. Then I would dry it off, dry her well, and reapply neosporin. Keep the flap off this time, and let it heal from inside out, and the hole should fill in. Bring her in the house to keep flies from laying maggot larvae in it. Feed her extra protein--eggs, tuna, leftover meat, etc. The rest are either bored, crowded, or lacking in protein.

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