Isa Brown, Golden comet or ?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by technodoll, Oct 12, 2009.

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    If you are hiding under the "chair of shame",make sure you move over and make room for me. . . .I knew NOTHING about sex link chickens till I found BYC. . . . .
    My neighbor had Golden Comets, and they were FUNNY, friendly, and great layers.
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    Golden Sex Link
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    black sex-links are a cross between red - gold rooster and barred rock hen. the females are black and have a red or golden collar. the males are barred like the barred rock hen. the black sex links are more or less the same except the feathers on their necks very from red to yellow. Rhode Island red rooster+ barred rock hen = black sex links. black sex links can be sexed at hatch.

    Strange though... I have two RIR/plymouth rock black sex links (breeder confirmed this) and they are ALL black, no collars or other coloring... is this possible?

    I also have a black sex link that sheens blue, really pure black with no other feather colors anywhere. I have no idea as to her parentage.

    So confusing, all these mixes, crosses and mutts! LOL [​IMG]
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    I suppose that is possible. You live in Canada and I really don't know much about the chicken raised in canada, note our black sex links are black and they develope some color on their necks as adults. perhasp you can get black sex links with other silver hens besides barred rocks. It is my understanding that sex links are possible by breeding rooster that are gold to a hen that is silver. I never have been able to determine how a person can know if a chicken is silver or gold. I just know the breeds you can cross to get the sex links. In this country I believe they use a RLR or a new hampshire rooster and they use white rocks, or delware for the hens. some say you can use leghorns for the hens and others say you can't.
    Europe has a chicken called a creme legbar that purduces sex links and a legbar rooster+legbar hen always produces sex-links chicks.
    the same is true of hubbards ISA browns so I can say something and there is always someone who has had experince that are different.when I want information I always google for the answer.
  5. ISA Browns are hybrids and do not breed true. They are also patented by Merial Ltd who purchased the rights in 2005. I have a line I have been working on for nearly 3 years which looks like the ISA and is almost breeding true. I have improved what I thought I could improve. Ill have to get some updated pics.
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    ISA Browns were developed in France in the late 70's ISA stands for
    Institut de Sélection Animale.
    Then in 1997 that company merged with Merck and they became the Hubbard ISA.
    They are trademarked and will not breed true, most hens are sterile.
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    If a RIR roo is cross with a leghorn hen, the chicks are a different hybrid than if a leghorn roo is crossed with a RIR hen, right?

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