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    So heres the back story. I rescued this chick from a lady at the local TSC because her daughter bought and snuck chicks under her bed to raise thinking that noone in her house would notice. Teenagers right?! so her mom in desperation sought out someone who would take it. I was standing there and agreed to rescue it out of the holey shoebox it was in.
    I dont wanna introduce it to my flock because of obvious reasons and decided to pick up a companion for it while there. I ended up with an ISA brown pullet ( which the nice TSC manager gifted me for the kindness shown). so Im just wondering since i dont know what bin this teenager pulled her chicks from, does this look like an ISA Brown too? cuz it looks just like the new pullet I got for free. They had a bunch of bantams straight runs too and theyre about the same size so. I know to young to sex but thoughts on breed?
    Thank you all.


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    My thoughts go to some form of Production Red for sure - Possibly a New Hampshire.
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    production breed

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