Isa Browns not laying

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    Dec 21, 2014
    Hi guys. I know there has probably been discussed to death, but I'm so frustrated.
    My 3, 14 month old, Isa Browns have pretty much stopped laying. I get one egg every 2nd day maybe.
    So the story is,we brought 7 unsexed chicks back in September last year, 4 turned out to be roosters, we kept 1 roo and swapped the other 3 for the Isa Browns at Christmas time. Took a few days for them to settle in, but we were getting 3 eggs a day, until a week ago. I normally let the girls range after lunch, which is when the have normally laid their eggs. Nothing has changed, they get the usual feed, with a variety of fruit, veggies, and other scraps. I've so far tried locking them up all the time (thinking they are laying elsewhere), adding more protein and calcium to their diet, checked for egg bound, mites/lice/lumps/bumps. They are all still running around digging, scratching, coming for pats and cuddles.
    I've checked the back yard for bush/grass nests, but with very limited area to lay in, it didn't take me long to realise that's not the case.
    Sorry the only thing I have changed is the bedding, from straw to wood shavings, straw was hard to come by a few weeks back,so brought wood shaving about a week and a half ago.
    TIA for any suggestions.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    Victoria, Australia.
    Hi there, and [​IMG]

    A couple of questions for you if I may.....

    1. When you say this:

    Does the 'usual feed' include layer's pellets? The reason I ask is that sometimes household scraps, fruits and vegetables is simply not enough nutrition to ensure consistent egg laying. Also, do they have free access to their feed 24/7, and calcium/grit on the side available at all times? And does their water ever run out at all? All of these things can cause cessation of laying.

    2. At 14 months old, is it possible that they are coming into moult? Have you noticed any feathers (many feathers?!) floating around your coop and run? Again, the reason I ask is that I am in Victoria and I presently have two 14 month old girls in moult, and consequently they have ceased laying for the time being.

    Another thing to consider is the weather. Obviously, living in Tassie, you presently have plenty of daylight hours, but is it hot where you are at the moment? (Please forgive my ignorance, lol. In country Victoria it is what we call "Stinking Hot!" here at the moment!) [​IMG]

    Anyway, when it is as hot has it has been here, over extended periods of time, the heat can cause the girls to slow down in the egg-laying department too. Once the weather settles down a bit they usually resume laying quite quickly.

    Not sure if any/all of this helps you at all but it's something to think about. My very best to you and your flock.

    - Krista
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  3. NeoMummy

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    Dec 21, 2014
    Hi Krista.
    Thanks for your reply.
    The girls get a layer mix with whole grains and such with 13% min protein, which I soak overnight. I do also give them a little cooked meat when we have it spare, every other day they get a hard boiled egg mashed with a little yogurt. They have access to feed all day as soon as they wake, access to water (fresh changed every day), and access to grit (and baked crushed egg shell) all the time.
    The girls came off moult shortly before we obtained them and there are no excessive amounts of feathers anywhere.
    As for our weather, pffft, what summer? It's hot one moment and cold rainy the next.

    It just has me perplexed and confused.

    I even tried to google what a bush/grass nest may look like, but came up with nothing! Lol
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