Isabelle and the Egg-Mobile


10 Years
Jan 2, 2010
Monroe, NC
Okay, so I'm in the house this morning baking a dessert for my DH's bday and look out the window to see my 4yr old DD(Isabelle) climbing up the chickens ladder into their coop. She has been doing this for about the past week now, trying to get in their and collect eggs-since she is too short to get into the outside hatch nesting box door. So this was pretty cute in itself. BUT, then I see her get her little tykes shopping cart, (or the Egg-Mobile is what I like to call it
) to carry all her eggs in to the house. She's stopping every couple of feet to check them carefully and pick them up to make sure she none had broke
THEN, as a proud mama I open the door to see only 3 eggs. She says, "Mamma, I only have 3 eggs-2 broke along the way coming down the ladder and I tried to scoop them up really fast so the chickens wouldn't eat them!!"
(She did clean them up w/the pooper scooper) Love this kid!!


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11 Years
Nov 14, 2008
Too cute! I looked outside and saw our grandson last summer laying in the run of the chicken coop (he was 4) and rolling around to which I asked him what he was doing and to which he said "I am taking a bath with the tickens" sure enough there were 3 hens on the far side of him in the dust bin I put ashes from our fireplace for them to bathe in!!! He had poop all over him, I just stripped him down and turned the sprinkler on and he took care of the rest!!! Now if his mother had seen it she would have flipped her cork---germ a fob!!!

Kids are amazing to me!

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