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    This first shot was taken back in November when I first started thinking about a chicken coop…I built the 10x10 shed about 3 years ago and never finished the small retaining wall behind it…we sit on a sandstone hillside and excavation is very difficult in the summer…there is no room for power equipment to access the site so everything is done with hand tools…notice at the uphill side of the lumber, the slope as opposed to what was cut out at the beginning of construction…this all needed to be removed…

    The second shot was on New Year’s Day with the lumber and solar panels removed and the retaining wall extended to the edge of the shed…

    The third shot shows its current state with only 13 more retaining wall blocks needed and most of the dirt cleared…Running inside and out to check on the progress of the NFL playoffs, tracking mud into the family room and working in the chilling temperatures we’ve had has been a bit of a deterrent...Stairs will lead up the hill from the final end of the retaining wall…The coop will be around 10x6.5…
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    Looks very nice :)

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