Isbar / Barred Rock Rooster?


Nov 24, 2015
A friend gave me this rooster, but even he wasn't sure what kind it is, since it was given to him. The original owner said that it was a barred rock mixed with something else. He has a few metallic green feathers that are starting to grow out in his tail plume. Anyone have any clue what he is? Could he be part Isbar?

I had a bantam rooster with this exact coloring...Barred mother, with a black breasted red Old English Game x white silkie father. Basically, it is really hard to tell if you do not already have an idea of who the parents could be. When he got older, he started to get orange and yellow hackle feathers here and there.

Unless you have Isbar breeders in your area, I'd highly doubt he has that breed in him. They're still pretty rare.

If you wanted to test breed him, put him over a hen that lays white eggs. If the offspring lay colored eggs (do Isbars lay blue or green? I can't remember) then he's part Isbar. if brown, he's a barred Rock mix. With those pink legs, I'd say the other breed could be an Orpington, or maybe Sussex. Other common white skinned breeds are Marans, but they usually have feathered legs, and Faverolles, but they also have other characteristics this bird does not.

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