ISO Canadian/Saddleback Sebastopol Goose Hatching Eggs or Goslings


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Mar 30, 2015
Central KY
I am interested in obtaining 2 - 3 Canadian or Grey Saddleback Sebastopol eggs or ONE FEMALE gosling.

I understand that due to wanting only one, it will most likely be pick up only. This goose WILL NOT be alone, she will be a companion/mate to our gander, who is a house goose. She will also be a beloved pet, and, as such, we would prefer to raise or hatch a gosling.

I would really really love a Canadian and would be willing to travel to surrounding states for local pick up of a gosling. I would even be willing to pay for DNA sexing to ensure it is a female. I realize commercial farmers sell a minimum of 6, so I'm hoping either someone breeds or has a permit to sell off excess they don't want/need.

PAPERS FOR CANADIANS ARE MANDATORY. I travel with my geese, spend time with them outside, and publically socialize them. I WILL need papers for the eggs/gosling to protect myself and my pet(s) from reports.

I will be up front and say that AT THIS MOMENT I can not purchase for a few weeks, at the least. I'm waiting for my fiance to find new employment before I purchase, so hopefully that won't take long. I just know that it's not everyday you'll find Canadians and it may take time for me to find someone, so I'm posting this as a heads up. If you have any of these, eggs or goslings, of these two types, please message or comment and I will try to get back in a timely manner and/or pay so I don't miss out!

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