ISO Egyptian Geese


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Feb 19, 2015
I am looking for a pair of egyptian geese. My daughter and I have fallen in love with a wild pair at her grandmother's in Miami, and she would love to make it next years 4H project.
Are you looking for the standard color or the whites? How old is your daughter? These birds can be extremely aggressive especially during breeding time.
I have a moderate amount of experience with these geese as I lived in an area where they came around frequently to hatch their babies. I know they can be agressive, but I took a great liking to them.

I was looking for a younger pair but will take a breeding pair or two.

I have a few acres and completing a 50 x 60 foot pond and was looking to diversify into something other than ducks and chickens. I don't think taking them from the wild would be good for them, or any benefit to me, so I was looking for domesticated or farm grown pair.

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