ISO- Exhibition Quality Chicks/Juv birds (Central Florida)

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    Sep 20, 2016
    Good afternoon folks,
    I've been tasked with the arduous task of trying to find some exhibition quality fowl for my local high school's FFA chapter. At the end of the last school quarter, I mentioned that they should work on getting their poultry early in the season, but of course, the little stinkers waited until October to let our agriculture teacher know they hadn't ordered birds...and well, here I am.

    Here's what I'm looking for:
    A trio of quality exhibition birds, standard of bantam doesn't particularly matter, as the birds will more than likely be spending the summers with me, and I have space for either. The younger the better, but I'm willing to purchase juveniles / young adults (I'd actually prefer this myself, but you know, kids *love* chicks.) I have wiggle room in regards to price, so please, private message me if you have any questions regarding budget!

    My two absolute requirements are:
    Must be willing to ship to central florida, OR arrange a pick-up/delivery. And please, please, please, NO feather-footed fowl. Edited to Add: (Meaning yes, anything else is free game, there's several people to appease with various interests in comformations/types~)

    Hope you have a great day!
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