ISO Pictures for another project! :)


Feb 15, 2019
New Jersey
Hi all! The last time I needed pictures of chickens (specifically naked necks :D), you all provided some great pictures making the project a HUGE success! :wee

So..I'm at it again, and need more pictures. 😅's what I need: 😁 (This list will be updated as needed)
- Any bird that is Lavender color. Any breed will work, but I would prefer a Lavender silkie if possible.
- A bird with dark eyes, preferably a Sebright
- A bird with red eyes, preferably a Sebright

Preference will go to clear pictures taken in natural or artificial lighting (as long as you can clearly see the bird). 😁

Photo CREDIT will be given!! Please just let me know who you'd like credit to be made out to (farm name, personal name, BYC username, etc) :D

Screenshot 2021-03-07 222527.png

(An example of how photo credit will be given. 😊) (Picture on the left is mine, picture on the right was borrowed with permission)

Thank you all so much in advance! 💗

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