ISO Silkie Hen approx 4 months old


Aug 9, 2016
Dothan, AL
Hello to all! I am a new member and fairly new at being a chicken owner. I love to get on this site and check out all the useful information you guys share. As my title states, I am looking for a Silkie hen. I bought a 2 month old back in July, however, I think she is actually a he. We live in town and can not have roosters. Anyone one out there know where I can buy a hen? I live in Dothan, AL.
Hello and Welcome to BYC.

You can pose the question to folks in your area - try to locate them under "where am I, where are you" forums.

Good luck in rehoming the rooster.
Thank you for joining us at Backyard chickens. You may want to check out the "Silkie thread," just put that in the search box and it should pop up.
Hello there
!! Enjoy the great and nice community with all the informative advice there is to offer. Have much success with your flock!

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