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    One of my Black Star pullets (approx. 6 months old) has been a favorite of the rooster. However, every time he mounts her and dismounts, the other hens all rush over and start relentlessly pecking at her to the point where DH or I have to intervene with a rake. She usually hides under the coop although she does eat and drink. A few hens go out of their way to chase her.

    This last weekend, the other hens pecked her so bad that her head began to bleed. My mother offered to take her, but she has to go to San Francisco in a few weeks and said that she'll take the pullet after she returns.

    We tried putting her in the cochin run but they were pecking at her too, not as mean, but just to establish dominance. However, with her injured head it just made it bleed again.

    So now we've got her in a rabbit hutch in the cochin run so she can see and hear other chickens, but I'm just wondering what else I can do for her. The remaining hens in the other run are all getting along fine. I just don't want to keep her in a rabbit hutch for 3 weeks until my mother can take her.

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    A little first aid, if you haven't already, on the wounds; a little soap and water then antibiotic ointment, or just Blukote, whatever you want.

    You could try keeping the cage where they can see and hear each other without their being able to peck her, in the hope they may accept her, or at least for the socialization.

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