Issue #1: Vent Gleet and cold weather

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    You know this would have to happen the minute they started forecasting snow and the temps plummeted into the 20s.

    I have 3 hens in one flock that seem to have woke up with gleet - I know I should give them a good bath first, but I'm really worried they won't stay warm enough if I do that. I only JUST got them back up into weight from when I acquired them.

    Advice out there? My ears are open.
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    They'll be fine after the bath if you put them in a cage on warm towels and a hair dryer blowing on them till dry.

    There are a lot of prescribed remedies for vent gleet.
    My personal recommendation is probiotics. Plain yogurt, Bene-Bac powder from a vet or Gro-2-Max from
    That is specifically formulated for chickens and can be used in water or feed.

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