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    Mar 8, 2018
    Alrighty so I'm having some issues with my eggs this years I'm having tons of infertiles, eggs dying around day 3-5 or they die right before they pop the air cell my temps are 95 and rise to 99 during the day and humidity is a solid 50% and 70 percent at lockdown so what's going on? My only idea here is the age of my flock? My boys are around 10-12 years old and my youngest females are 5-10 is that the issue here?
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    Age could have an effect, but incubation temp should be 99-100, humidity in the 30-40% range for day 1-18, then 65-75% for the final 3 days.
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Your temp is a huge factor. It needs to be held steady, measured with calibrated thermometers. 99.5 for forced air, 102 for still air. Your high humidity is also a huge factor. I would also look at the nutrition of your flock. Flock age could play a role in your fertility rate, but to be honest, I'm surprised you have anything hatch at all with such erratic temp and high humidity.
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    Your youngest females are 5-10 years old?? I am really surprised you are getting enough eggs at all, what are you feeding these gals? I want some!
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    Mar 8, 2018
    Lol, the ten year olds dont lay anymore (or at least I dont think they do xD) but the younger to older middle ground seem to still lay around 3 eggs a week! I'm surprised as well tbh these ladies are older they get oyster shell supplements and dumor laying mash (or something like that not home to check) but yeah man these guys are amazing! Lol, I'd tell you their breeds but to be honest they're all a little mix and match of various breeds :]
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