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Issues with my dog, itchiness?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Smoky73, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Smoky73

    Smoky73 Lyon Master

    Feb 8, 2007
    I have a Corgi and have commented on my poor Corgi's medical and mental issues in the Corgi aqnd Dane thread.

    Well besides all the behavior issues and physical issues she has now started a new one.

    First of all - for physical, she has 3 deformed feet, due to the fact that she has almost no joint left on her right side hind hip (30% 2 years ago and 75% left of left one at that time.) She has been on Rimadyl for the pain since.
    The last few eeks I have noticed her chewing a LOT at her sides, both sides and scratching. I have checked her again and again for fleas and nothing, I have not ever seen a flea here since we bought the place in 2001. I know what fleas look and act like, as when I was younger, our animals had them growing up. So I do not think this is fleas. My other thought is that she has some kind of skin issue, but I see not sores, redness, flaking, or anything abnormal going on. She has not lost any patches of fur....yet.

    I am kinda thinking that MAYBE, its just winter itch, like what we get, but I have had her for about 9 years and never an issue. She is on excellent quality food, Flint River, coat is not dry or brittle, nice and shiny.

    However, she is on Rimadyl and that is a NSAID drug and I am wondering about getting a blood test to check her liver functions. She has been on Rimadyl for about 2 years, and while it was always fine when we did blood tests int he past, I suppose that does not mean its OKAY now.

    I am planning on trying to get her into the vet on Friday, or tomorrow afternoon to do blood work. I also had planned on bathing her with an oatmeal shampoo this weekend to help her itch. She has always picked and licked at her feet, several years since then have gotten deformed, and I use bitter apple to get her to stop and this past week I have been using it to try to get her to not pick at her sides. When I brush her, and reach her sides, her back leg goes crazy like when you hit that spot that tickles, but also at the same time, she dips her head down and hunches (if thats possible for a dog to do) like it hurts her.

    I am not sure why I am posting this really, I guess I just wanted thoughts as to what to do to sooth the itchiness....as she will be getting to the vet anyway this week no matter what I have to do. Any ideas to help her with the itch?

  2. scbatz33

    scbatz33 No Vacancy, Belfry Full

    Jan 23, 2009
    South GA
    if she is biting at the same place on both sides, it is possible that she is biting at pain more than itchiness. Your instinct that the meds are causing organ issues may be on target. Blood testing is the best way to make sure function is normal. I would also let you vet know what you've witnessed. I usualy give my dog baby asprin for pain/discomfort/arthritis but with the meds she's on I would check with your vet first.
  3. BlacksheepCardigans

    BlacksheepCardigans Songster

    Oct 11, 2010
    Southeast NH
    Even a single flea, one you never see, can drive them crazy. So I'd treat for fleas first, because it's simple and cheap and an easy fix. Don't use the over the counter stuff that has permethrin or pyrethrin; use Frontline. If that doesn't work, you can tell yourself if it's itchiness or pain. Scratch her side where she bites. If she goes nuts, trying to get to it and scratch it herself, or works her lips and mouth and leans into it, it's itch. If she jumps away or growls, it's pain.
  4. WoodlandWoman

    WoodlandWoman Crowing

    May 8, 2007
    Allergies can also cause dogs to chronically lick their feet and chew at their flanks. Those are classic signs. They can have intense sensations when you scratch or pet them on their back and sides. Does she have any problems with her ears at all?

    Dogs can be allergic to even a good food ingredient. Or it could be something in the environment that she's coming in contact with, like dust mites or some type of plant. One flea bite can keep a dog itchy for 10 days if they have a bad allergy to them. Some dogs are even allergic to the oatmeal in oatmeal shampoo. It's hard when a dog has a lot of different things going on at the same time.

    Sometimes skin problems can be from allergies, sometimes from low thyroid, too.
  5. Brindlebtch

    Brindlebtch Songster

    Apr 15, 2009
    Always always keep close track of liver function for dogs on Rimadyl. I had a dog go into full liver failure from Rimadyl and she almost died.

    Have you tried adequan shots? There are better NSAIDS than Rimadyl nowadays, too.

    If you can't stop the itching, put her in a long dog sweater so she can't harm herself.

    Have your tried Comfortis?
  6. impis

    impis Songster

    Nov 20, 2010
    Itchy skin is often a sign of alergies. Have you changed air freshner in the house, laundry detergent, or anything like that?

    If you are concerned and she is in obvious discomfort, take her to a vet for professional, qualified advice.
  7. Judy

    Judy Crowing Staff Member Premium Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia
    Quote:This was also my first thought. Maybe you have another med you can give for pain as needed, til she gets to the vet?

  8. Smoky73

    Smoky73 Lyon Master

    Feb 8, 2007
    Well, I got her to the vet this afternoon. Anyway, to answer some questions, we have no carpeting in our house and longer, and they do not have apet bed of any kind in the kitchen with them. So they sleep on the tile floor. Sure, I would like them to have a pet bed, however, she will pee on anything, including her own bed....always has.

    And well, thats pretty much it for her environment. no new anything in the house as far as chemicals and no plants.

    My initial thought was to at least get blood work done, as I interpreted her biting as itchiness from something internal just because of the way she acted.
    Well, the vet was not terribly concerned about any of it, feel a bit put off that they did NOT draw blood at all on her even after I mentioned it. The vet looked her over all over her skin and said she does not have fleas which I did not think she did. In my area, I have never seen a flea in the 10+ years I have lived here in this "town" not even on the outside cats. But the vet said no, but he did say that the spot that is the worst he said it is a "hot spot" and he shaved the whole area really close to get a good look at it. He washed it really well and he said that he was wanting to give her a steroid shot but could not because she is on the Rimadyl. However, he did give me a spray to put on it that was a antibiotic, with a tiny bit of topical steroid also in it, and I am to use it 3 times a day. He said to go ahead and bathe her with the oatmeal shampoo I picked up. He also is having me give her 1/2 a Benadryl 2 times a day. He said if she does not improve by beginning of the week, we can try a collar to keep her from biting at the spot, but if it continues, he said to come back next week and we will try again.

    Its funny kinda though about the benadryl, because here I am, in my kitchen, cutting open a tiny capsule (they do not open easy at all) and pouring the contents out and dividing in half with a razor blade. I mean, heck, I hope to god no one comes up to my door by my kitchen when I am in there and sees me through the window...as it would certainly look like I was preparing a line of "you know"!

    Well, been about an hour and a half since the Benadryl and the dog is still awake LOL, and she has had her second spraying done. The area after shaved is pretty red, and the main itchy part looks well, kinda yellowish, like it was starting to ooze from all the biting and such she has been doing.
  9. bigshoes213

    bigshoes213 In the Brooder

    Oct 15, 2010
    Sardis, Ms
    My Great Pyrnees/lab mix had an issue similar to yours. He would scratch and scratch the area above his tail until it would bleed and puss up. He looked like he has leprsoy and nothing I tried made it go away. I was giving him benadryl around the clock. He changed his dog food to a lamb base and that seemed to help a little but the whole problem did not go away. Finally after over a year of trying various products I came across this at tractor supply (I am sure the have it elsewhere too though http://www.tractorsupply.com/pet-care/pet-health/other-pet-health-products/sergeant-s-reg-vetscription-reg-benadene-reg-hot-spot-skin-remedy-4-fl-oz--2447818 It worked like nothing else. He had a small episode about 6 months ago and I reapplied this for a few days and it cleared right up.

    Good luck finding something that works for your little one. I nearly pulled out all my hair trying to get Tyson well. He really looked horrible in that one area. Yes we went to the vet and he just wanted to give him steriods. Which while Tyson was on Prednisone he did get a little bit better but as soon as he was done it got just as worse as before.

    Sergeant's Benadene Hot Spot solution really worked. I know how frustrating trying to figure out what the problem can be. I hope your Corgi gets better soon.

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2010
  10. Carols Clucks

    Carols Clucks Songster

    Oct 13, 2010
    Three ideas

    You might want to try a different protein source from the same line of food and see if that makes a difference.

    Make sure that any treats do not contain ingredients you are trying to avoid

    Last, I have a few friends that had dogs that had issues with "Swiffer" cleaned floors

    Hope that helps

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