Issues with my Rooster


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
Last night when I got home my rooster was on the front porch instead of being in the coup with the ladies. I have never had a problem with them not roosting at dusk so it was weird to see him on the porch so I had to catch him and when I started getting near the coup he start going ballistic and I had to had to toss him in and shut the door really quick. He sat by the door like he was in time out for the longest time. I don't know what his problem was. There was nothing inside the coup with them. This morning he was acting fine. Any suggestions on what was going on and how I can prevent him from doing this again.
Some times young chickens will do that, look for another place to roost. As to him getting more agitated the closer you got to the coop. Is he used to being handled that way?
I don't handle my chickens that much. I raised all of them from chicks so I don't have a problem with them being aggressive to me or my family. Usually during the day when we are home I let them out to roam and when we are not home they stay in the coup. Last night we had to run and help a family member and when we got home he was on the the porch. He followed me to the coup but when we started getting close he turned around and started running away. So I had to catch him and put him in. I don't know he is acting fine today. Do you know anything about oyster shells? My chickens are poking holes in the shells of their eggs. This is all so new to me. However, I really enjoy watching my chickens.
If there was a light on the porch he may have gone there to be in the light. When he started to follow you he then realized you were going to a dark place and turned away. Chasing him in the dark probably didn't help his state of mind. Possibly I can;t be sure that's why.
Oyster shell will help them maintain the proper level of calcium for strong egg shells. That would help the eggs restiant to the pecking. You could try putting a fake egg or golf ball in the nests, they will find it tougher to poke holes in them and may stop.

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