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9 Years
Jul 11, 2010
ok, so it's finally cooled off here in NC...but with that said, this is the time of year we turn air and heat off, and open the windows for the nice weather, and to lower the electric bill. BUT.........the temp in the bator is going crazy!!!! this morning is was 96
so i turned it up a bit...(not much at all) and then a couple hours later it was 104!!!!!!!!!

what in the world should I do??? the window and door stays closed in the room they are in. And it's the warmest room in the house. So, i didn't think it would be an issue. it's been 99 steady since about noon today. but, i'm afraid of the temp drop at night!!!

I don't know. it was bought from a feed store. it's worked GREAT up until the season change. I could keep the temp and humidity steady w/ no issues until the weather changed!!! Now, I'm struggling to keep it all the same temp. UGH
and I've had 4 healthy hatches....and now the temp issues. I'm shutting all the windows tonight, and maybe that'll help.

and no, no fan in the's a still air one.

I've got the humidity at 35%...which is normal for me before day 18. but the dang temp keeps going up and down.
thanks rebel.... I checked out the site. so, my bator sucks. just kidding. I will have to candlt these eggs in a day or so, and see if the temp change did any damage. Then, for next hatch, if i still want to do them over the winter, I'll HAVE to get a fan...if not...then I'll wait til spring.

thanks for the site, it really explained pretty good for me.

I'm going to try putting a blanket over the bator at night and see if that will keep some heat in it. *sigh* now I see why some people say "I'm done hatching for this season" ... bc of the weather changes.
I have had very successful hatches in my little giant. It just takes perserverance. Do not give up. Use a blanket to cover it and keep a watch on the temp.
I tried something new last night. since we're not putting the heat on anytime soon, I thought...well, what do you do when you're cold?
put a blanket over you. SOOO... I have a beach towel covering half the bator. making sure to leave at least one vent open. the thing has been at a wonderful 100.4 for 24 hrs now, and the humidity at 35%

I had the towel over the Whole thing, but the humidity shot up to 59% which is way too high for my liking. so, i found that only covering half of the bator helps ALOT
I'm learning, LOL....

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