It’s -14 in Minnesota and I’m worried about my babies!


Sep 12, 2020
St. Paul, Minnesota
First off, Happy Holidays everyone!
We had a blizzard here yesterday and got a good 6 inches of snow, more where it drifted.
Today is quite cold, the high was only 5 degrees and it’s now 9pm and it’s -14. 🥶
I know my feathered babies are going to be okay, but I’m still so worried about them.
We have the cozy coop panel heater hooked up above them, along the ceiling. Mainly did that because we were so concerned how hot the panel got when we first hooked it up. It’s currently attached with thick wire and eye hooks, so not going anywhere. Keep in mind we have Cornish cross birds, they don’t use the vertical coop space as other breeds would.

Does anyone else use this heater? Did you think it was too hot or am I being too critical?
I made a post about splitting our coop in two, the roosters in the back half and the hens in the front, because the roosters were bullying the hens. Should I purchase a second panel heater for the roosters too?

Is anyone else here in MN? What are you doing for heat for your chickens during this cold snap?

-Thank you from this worried chicken mama!
I’m in the north suburbs of St Paul, and our coop doesn’t have any heat. The birds just fluff up closer together. As long as the coop you have had good ventilation, your birds should be fine.
Agree with mamajos. We tend to forget that chickens are birds. Look outside your window. If you see wild birds, your chickens can survive in your climate. In fact, they have it far, far better than their wild cousins. They do not have to search for safe, dry, comfortable lodging. Shelter is thoughtfully provided. Nor need they spend all day frantically searching for sustenance, wondering where their next meal is coming from. That, too, is provided.

Lack of ventilation is dangerous because condensation can form in the building, leading to frostbite on the sensitive tissues of combs and wattles. Good luck!

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