It finally happened to me: coyote

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by bawkbawkbawk, Aug 3, 2013.

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    I too let my birds free range for four years before the predators showed up, hawks and yotes. My chickens now only free range in the evenings, under armed guard aka Hubby.

    My geese and runner ducks run free in the yard all day, free range with the chickens in the evening. My call ducks stay confined to a pen and/or a tractor during the day, being too little to roam the yard with the runners and geese and too tempting to aerial predators. They get the yard in the evenings, after the other birds have gone out to free range.

    I hate my old hens being penned up during the day and I'm sure they hate it too. The thing is, I hate losing them to a predator more.

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss do you live in a neighborhood or out aways by yourself, Urban critters are a lot different to deal with than country critters
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    I don't let my chickens out until after lunch each day to reduce the distance they wander. I keep a loaded .22 magnum above the front door for times when I spot a critter that needs dispatching. If I had to go unlock, load and prepare every time I needed to shoot something, I wouldn't get much accomplished.
  5. I recently lost a rooster to a coyote, the coyotes kept coming back. The other times I scared them off so they did not get anymore chickens. They stopped coming when i: Put a radio in the coop and turned it on and put the chickens in their coops earlier than usual.
    Good Luck!
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    I used to deal with coyotes as indicated above successfully but gun is no more of a problem with little kids about. Birds also had cover they could retreat to which cut but did not stop losses. Best system for me has been use of dogs out with birds. Electrified fencing can also help even though coyote can usually clear such pretty easy. The risk of getting zapped makes hunt more dicey, kind of like trying to pick berries from prickly briar patch that also has poison ivy. The electrified poultry netting works real well. Remember, it is a coyote today but another critter will be happy to do same. Make the job more difficult for all of them. For me, if I can control Mr. Fox's take I can control anybody during daylight. Most of my birds free-range during all daylight hours but a couple dozen are not confined even after dark. Roost locations also need to be considered because coyotes in my experience are a little more flexible than foxes when it comes to going after your birds.
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    Thanks for these replies.

    We are semi-rural but too close to neighbors to have guns about. Someone would send in the SWAT team, I suspect!

    My husband found a gap in our fencing - not very big, but he thinks big enough for a coyote and exactly in the direction the coyote was seen heading away with our hen. A hedge was recently cut down in that spot so the formerly obscured gap is now accessible from the street and we think that may be where the coyote got in. My husband closed it up yesterday but we are still spooked and not letting chickens, small dog or cats out for the moment.

    We are keeping our large dog, a Golden, outside "on duty" but she has no idea she is supposed to be a guard dog so not sure how helpful she will be. She will chase any skunk that comes on our property, with the predictable results, but I don't know if she will notice a coyote.

    I hate coyotes.
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    Odds are she will treat coyote like another dog. She will attempt meet and greet, coyote will be rude and if your dog has aggressive inclinations she will attempt to show coyote who is boss. Coyotes seldom have interest in working out pecking order with larger domestic dog since it could get hurt.

    Fixing fence will not stop coyote as it likely jumps several during coarse of a day just patrolling its territory.
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    You pretty much have to enclose your chickens to prevent further predation, unless you have money to spend for protection. This expenditure, unfortunately, is not very cost effective for a backyard flock. That is why some eggs sold in grocery stores can be more humanely produced than a backyard flock, such as shown in the pastured poultry operation below.


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