it HAD to be the orange one!


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Apr 29, 2009
over the mountain
i think a possum was the culprit.
we have some silkies we hatched out, about 7 weeks old, and 2 of them turned out to be polish silkie mixes, the cutest little weird ugly birds you ever saw. one had cross beak and died, and 1 was doing great! this morning we went out to the coop, and it seems 2 chicks were pulled out in peices through the fence, and i think it was a possum, they do that. and it was 1 black silkie, and the remaining orange mixed bird, uugghhhh, why did it have to be that one. my kids are sad.
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So sorry to hear that! Darned predators!
I hope you trap them real soon!
yes, i think it was a possum because once we had 4 polish peeps in a cage on our porch, and just as we went out to bring them in 4 the evening, a possum was reaching his hand in to grab a chick, and pulled it out as far as it would go thn ripped off its head and pulled the rest out in bits. the whole thing took maybe 30 seconds, or less, but it was very traumatising. but in my experience possums pull chick through the wire bit by bit.
this time my daughter found a wing and an empty body cavity and a foot, all scattered with feathers, and thats all we found of all the missing peeps. horrible. so the traps will be set tonight, i HATE possums.
it was a RACOON. he bypassed my hubbys trap lastnight, and tried to pull a silkie through the wire. i think it was rabid, because it wasnt really dark yet. but he didnt get it through, he hurt it pretty bad though. ill ask advice for this little chicky in the injury thread.
id did get in the trap though, and hubby shot it thismorning. bug nast snarling thing. meanest coon we ever trapped, and thats really saying something!
I think it's a coon. I've seen a countless number of videos of a possum in the coop with a chicken pecking it. I don't think that a possum wud bother a chicken let alone kill one. Coons will reach through the fencing to grab chickens

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