It had to happen sometime..might as well be now.


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I have been raising ducks and geese for 25 years but only bought my incubator 6 months ago. It has hardly been turned off since- I only have one duck laying at the moment and I would like to let her sit on them herself rather than incubate them. As my last few duck eggs in the incubator are hatching now- I started thinking about trying to hatch some chickens. I have never hatched or even kept chickens before so really look foward to it. The fact that they will hatch a week earlier then ducklings is fantastic. I will be picking up the eggs tomorrow. A mixed dozen of RIR, Light Sussex and Australorp. Cant wait to see how I go with some chickens, and make some comparisons with the different eggs.
Uuuh ooooh!!! I sense another Hatch-a-holic in the making!

Good luck with your eggs. You do know the rule regarding incubator hatching, don't you?

Once said eggs have hatched and everyone is appropriately dry and fluffy, YOU MUST POST PICS ON BYC!!!! Thems the RULES!!!
I wont be keeping them though..I am hatching for a poultry club function, but the experience will be good. I ony have my yard set up for ducks and I am already over regulation numbers for my area.

I have just watched two of my ducklings hatch this morning..I cant wait to see little wet chicken popping out of the eggs I get today... 21 days... and there will be pics for sure. Lucky for me the three different breeds will be easy to tell apart when they hatch.

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