IT IS DONE ! Woot !

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8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
Warsaw, Indiana

The chickens ( I am calling them this until I am sure I have all hens) are now out in the garage in their new chicken house. Pics updated on my page.
The computer room is cleaned out, and dust free, and hopefully my hives that I have been battling( Dr. visits, medications) for the last 2 weeks ( since they started rolling around in the sawdust and making a dusty mess) will be gone too !!!

Let me know what you think !

I have all the receipts, but am afraid to total them up ! ha ha
that is awesome. Love the feed box !!! I have birds every where, in the house- turkey poults- the garage is housing 50 broiler chicks, and 6 week old pullets-- the dust is really getting my allergies !!! we are building the hoop house for the meaties tomorrow and they should be out within the next week- weather permitting, then the turkey poults will move to the garage.
Love it. Way to go. Pretty classy coop.
No wonder the russell was ready to move in.
You must have taken too long though because one of those barred rocks was giving "the stink-eye" in those photos.
They can be soooo judgmental. LOL.

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