It is official...... Gaggle of Guineas

Guinea Goonie

Roosting Elsewhere
12 Years
Sep 2, 2008
Peace Valley in Howell County Missouri
Well, I introduced the last four Guineas I had in the Nursery.

I counted them last night, 31 of the little buggers.

I have noticed that they are now forming "gaggles", meaning 10 or more per pack and sticking with it for the day.

If one flies on top of the horse barn, they ALL fly on top of the horse barn.

Really, it is a hoot to watch them. Last night I found them confrounting the resident ground hog that lives under the chicken barn. Poor guy, he was only trying to get drink.

With 10 or more they are getting pretty brave. They now chase the kittens around. I have been very watchful to see if they are attacking any of my roos or hens, so far it is all good.

They all eat, sleep and drink under the same roof with the chickens.

Now, when I walk into the barn, I get the "Guinea eye" and can hear them all conspiring against me. Their little "Wistle", The noise they make when they talk to each other is pretty loud.
Too funny! My guinea covey (coven? LOL!) has absorbed my BO's adopted guinea babies and won't let her near them. I've got 7 now...will have 9 when I move the lavender babies in with them. They do get bold the more you get! Unfortunately, mine just follow me around everywhere chattering amonst themselves, "What is she doing?" "Do you think she has treats?" "AAAAAHHHH!!!!! She's going to kill us ALL!!!! Oh, wait, it's just the water hose."

Mine don't even know they can fly! Which, I guess is a good thing? Although, a few of them took off yesterday a few yards when we had a few hundred blackbirds screaming in the trees!

Crazy birds! I can't imagine 31!

lol i have 4 1 year olds and 7 9 weeks olds that will be put with the bigger guineas when momma hen weens them (i have a chicken raising them)

my 4 1 year olds chase feral cats every time they see them (poor cats have learned to stay way away lol)
I can't imagine 31 but I guess I should because I have 22 eggs in the 'bator chugging along really well and I have eight 7 week old out with the chickens.

The 7 week olds have adopted my Gold Laced Polish Rooster as their "mama" and follow him all over the place. A little while ago when I went out back they were all preening him. lol

Right now I've got about 25 (I think), and a friend has 15 eggs cooking in her bator, so I'll be overrun with them soon enough! I'll probably sell most of the ones my friend has, they should be pearls, and I really don't like pearls! I have a pair of lavenders, plus 3 lavender males though, so maybe I'll keep some of the pearl girls for the lavender boys? All my others are buffs, and I've got about 15 of them (I think)

I have one group of 9 that hangs out together all the time. Today they all came flying up from the pond. A friend that was here asked if there was something after them, and I calmly told him 'no, they are just crazy birds'. It was probably a chicken out there hiding in the weeds that they weren't expecting, or maybe they just felt like flying. Who knows? Maybe they realized that they were pretty far from the barn and got scared?
I could sit and watch my "Gonnies" for hours. They are very entertaining.

They are like a group of wayward teenagers without a care, any structure or any guidence.

They just do whatever comes to them at that particular time.

They really seem to have a wonderful time just being Guineas.
That's for sure! They do love to be guineas!

Does anyone else have some that absolutely hate for you to be in their 'house'? Mine will run laps on the roof of the barn when I'm in there, unless it's in the morning when I'm feeding them. Then I practically have to boot them out of my way
I only have two, I want more but my attempt as a hatch using a broody hen was a total failure. Funny story, one of my hens has a hurt leg, I went out to catch her today to take a look, the minute I grabbed her she let out a yelp, the guineas who were no where to be found came running out from the backside of the barn screaming and yelling at me. Cute little guys! I am happy to know they take such good care of my hens...and my fearful roo.
Oh that is too funny! They are so protective. Mine are great watchdogs. If they see us get the gun out, whether we are hunting or just shooting, as soon as they hear the shot, they come running to discuss it. Drives DH crazy! He swears he's going to shoot one if they don't leave him alone!


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