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to the fact that my beloved cat may be gone. Charlie is an indoor cat, who escaped from the house last Saturday. We haven't seen him since. We have fliers up, spoke with neighbors and filed a lost pet report with the Humane Society. There simply isn't anything more we can do. My dark suspicion is that he fell prey to a coyote, we are fairly rural.

I am so glad that he wandered into my life 6 years ago, but the pain at his loss is incredible. He was my favorite pet, and I suspect that I will never feel a connection with another pet like I did with him. He was a pretty special beast.

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Don't give up hope just yet. I live on a farm in the middle of a not very populated area. Many years ago my strictly indoor cat escaped thru a screen in the window when she pushed it out. Four or five months later one of the neighbors called. They had just returned after being gone custom cutting all summer and found a cat hanging around their shed. Another neighbor told them I was missing a cat similar to the one they found. I went over to check it out and it was her. I don't know if I was happier to see her or her me. She lived to be almost 18 before I had to put her down because of failing kidneys.
Ohhh...lost my Charlie to kidney failure a year ago...
She was a wonderful cat!
There is still a chance that your Charlie could show back up, although I'm sure you're worried sick. I will be wishing for a positive outcome for you and your kitty...
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A hurt cat will often hide. Make sure you go and look in any sheds or garages around your house, and listen for the littlest of sounds. Call Charlie's name quietly and then listen closer still. Also, see if there's a hole or way to get under your house. Even one that seems to small will fit a frightened cat.

I once found my Scooter hiding in the ceiling of our shed. He'd been attacked by a dog, and if I hadn't heard the merest bit of noise just after I called his name I'd never have thought to look there. Have never understood how he even got up and IN there!

Good luck!!
I'm so sorry, I hope he turns up for you.

Two years ago my indoor cat Cheddar got out. For 3 days I put up signs, ran ads, called and called. Nothing.

On the fourth day I was out in the huge shop/garage, and spotted a tail tip. He was petrified with fear, hiding between the top of a storage tote and the underside of my workbench, a very small, tight place. Took me an hour to get him out and into the house. He was fine, but something had scared him badly.

Keep checking the most unlikely areas. Good luck.

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