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Mar 12, 2008
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Much of my coop construction & design is done making it up as I go along. I will have some plan in mind, give it lots of thought beforehand, even draw up some diagrams. But it's usually not until I go out to the yard & actually begin to build that most of the details fall into place.

Things are further complicated because I am usually using salvaged & reclaimed building materials. There isn't the budget to go buy the load of wood or wire needed, no pre-made project plan with a grocery list of necessary materials. I am always hauling home found materials from juicy discard piles I pass in my neighborhood and storing them for later use. Whenever I begin a building project I must search through my stash to see what materials I might have to realize my current plan.

The amazing thing is how often things just seem to fall perfectly into place! Without pre-measuring I'll find that the roll of wire just exactly fits between the posts I've set, or there's just enough 2X4s to finish the frame of a coop.

Today I was building a new duck house, again with just a basic idea of what I wanted, but wasn't exactly sure how to go about putting it together. And my original idea was to have the door on the side. So I started building the frame for the ends, making them just fit the space between the fence & the other duck house. Then I got the idea to put the door on the end instead. The door is a wire panel from an old dog kennel. And it just exactly fit the opening in the end panel, even though I hadn't planned it that way!

As I was marveling over yet another bit of serendipity, this truth finally dawned on me -- Jesus had been a carpenter when He was on the Earth! Duh! So that's where I've been getting all these great ideas! And it must be Jesus who has been making everything fit together so perfectly despite my lack of planning!

It ain't me, that's for sure! How nice to know He's been helping me all this time, without me even asking. How precious to think how much He cares for my flock, that He can take time from running the universe to provide for the needs of these humble barnyard birds.

I have GOT to watch my language now when I'm constructing coops & pens. And remember to thank the Master Carpenter for providing the materials, the ideas & the methods for my building projects.


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May 21, 2009
san diego, cali
Im with ya.. Nice reminder

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