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  1. Look here
    For what happened to us a couple of days ago.

    We moved all of those birds up to the house area with the layers.

    Now this morning my poor husband finds more carnage. The Infirmary. Poured cement floor with 6 foot chain link.
    Last year we raised 25 meat birds in this same area and never lost a single one.
    All the birds in there that were injured from the prior attack, but not enough to need to be put down (4 of them) dead. Two dead without a mark on them, heart attack from fright?
    Two completely ripped to shreds. One mostly gone, just 2" of back and the legs and it's head still there, intestines and innards spilled all over the ground.
    The other just decapitated. Nothing else wrong with it. Head laying right next to the body.

    WHAT is this?

    We found no prints. But lots of digging around the foundation of the run. The only thing we can think of is that it climbed up and over, or went through a very small 3" area that opens up when you push on the gate.

    Now my head is reeling. This is no dog. The kills from the last incident and this one look identical. It's got to be either a racoon, or a weasel I think.
    DH says we also have birds just missing.

    I now have to refund money to customers because I don't have enough chickens left for what was ordered. I have got to find out what this is and remedy this situation.

    Also, we had about 60 other birds 5 feet from this chain link/cement combo fenced in by nothing but 4 foot welded wire, and it didn't touch them. Stupid thing. Could have had a much easier meal.

    Tonight we sit out and wait I think.
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    OMG!! That is terrible. I hope you figure out what it is. [​IMG]
  3. sparkles2307

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    Raccoons rip the heads off because they like the brains. They are super smart and if there is a way in they will find it! Sorry for your loss!!!!!
  4. 4-H chicken mom

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    How awful!! [​IMG] My DH is a problem solver, he says to put up a trail camera. If you know a hunter, maybe you can borrow it for a while. You will be amazed at what shows up around your coop. Good Luck and shoot straight he says. [​IMG]
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    I bet it is a racoon! Just lost a pretty White Rock Rooster to one the other night. Racoons are VERY smart. I was sitting out waiting for him as he had killed one of my hens a few nights earlier...bit her head off and ate half her breast. [​IMG]

    After 3 hours 8:30-11:30pm...thinking he wouldn't come until after midnight.... I went inside to get a drink and eat something, came out and the racoon had chased my roo off a tall tree and he flew into my little fenced in garden area.

    He opened the garden gate (just like a person), went in and killed my poor roo, dragged him out the gate and underneath the nearby gazebo....all in the time I was inside, about 1 hour! [​IMG]

    I came out to see feathers everywhere and sat and cried...for my poor rooster and for being played by the racoon. Now I am really MAD! The game is on!
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    May 20, 2008
    I wonder if a fox, or coon, is teaching their young how to hunt and kill prey?
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    opossums will eat the abdomen and leave the head. so will skunks.
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    Sounds like a fox. Cousin had the same small gap, mother fox squeezed in. She will take chickens back to her den for her kits.
  9. Well last night I put my big Newfoundland dog outside and left him there. He wasn't happy, but nothing came around.
    So far this has been an every other night type of thing which lands on tonight for another round. I am leaving the dog right outside the chicken runs so he can patrol the whole area and hopefully nothing comes around.
  10. lone cedar farm

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    Jan 25, 2009
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    Put the dog back up and replace with a big bowl of poison meat (silent watch dog)!

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