IT WAS IN MY YARD!!!!!!!!!!!


12 Years
Apr 27, 2007
Webster, FL
Went to the store and pulled into my driveway and he was sitting there, we called Fish and Wildlife and they took it to a sanctuary so it will be safe and not hurt anyone,
Well they thought it would be funny to have this oregonian hold it
I have been if Florida for 8 years now and this is the first one I have seen, well not counting Gatorland.

aaawwww. Unfortunately I have seen them much much larger in yards in Florida...that one looks to be a yearling roughly.
yea I was just a LITTLE scared, it measured 26 inches and game warden said it was about 2 years old... all I know I am happy it is gone. I was amazed at how soft it was.
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I actually found one in my front yard years ago about that size.... and I live in ARKANSAS!
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission placed them in one of the local rivers to help eliminate beavers and turtles. I never did really understand that.

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