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May 27, 2017
Eastern CAN
Hey all! I want to send out a little introduction!

I live on a good sized hobby farm in Eastern Canada. I'm nearly nineteen years old, and don't know what to do with my life yet other than work and care for my farm. I've owned horses and my family had a beef cattle operation during my childhood, but it's only been a few years that we've owned chickens.

I'll start by saying, I had a good childhood with the ability to get any pet I wanted, if I learned what my parents taught me about it's care and eventually took over. I did well by that. I like to soak up knowledge, because of that upbringing. But, my mother has always been deathly afraid of chickens/fowl. Absolutely terrified.

She finally came around about four years ago, after much fact stating and egg:money ratios. We had a chance to take in 200 laying, red sex link hens for free. I had never had a chicken before but my father used to raise his own, and boy, it was an extreme amount of chickens. They were all completely free range, egg laying machines. There were times that we would collect 180 gram eggs!

Then we started collecting free roosters with the intentions of butchering them. We decided we had a perfect balance of roos for our two hundred hens and decided to keep them.

Long story short, within four years, we were down to three, solid, mature and tough-as-nails layers. We were getting a solid three eggs 10 months of the year with no completely dry spells. Between old age, predators, dogs, and unknown deaths those were the three that survived it all.

Fast forward a year and those three foundation hens are still here, but I've collected a solid flock consisting of a light sussex hen, a barred rock hen, a mystery hen whos gorgeous (light grey all over) two beautiful auracana/easter egger hens, a black australorp hen, three mix roosters, and maybe another one or two I'm forgetting.

My sussex girl went broody a little while ago and hatched a beautiful little chick!

I'm here to learn as much as possible about fowl, as I found it's something I enjoy greatly. Cheers!

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