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  1. Sequin

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    May 20, 2008
    ...I HAD to go and buy chick feed Today, 'cause I was out. I thought I was safe to go to my local feed store because they have been sold out of their chicks every time I go there. [​IMG] not today though. So now there is a new episode of chicken t.v. [​IMG] This show is starring 4 red sex-links. [​IMG] Now what will I tell my husband?! [​IMG] I am going to have to hide these babies before he gets home I think. They are REALLY cute. From now on, I will have to send him to get the chick food. Tricky way of getting him to run the errands, eh?! Anyway, I Swear this is IT for this year. Oh, and then they end up telling me they have another shipment coming in in a few more days!!!! [​IMG] I had to pretend not to hear. I'll post pictures soon of the new babies.

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    hahahahaha oops sorry. Yeah I did that with 5 BAs. This is how that conversation went...

    DH: Honey, what are these?

    Me: Oh! They are chicks dear.

    DH: *sigh*

    [​IMG] May it work as easily for you as it did me.
  3. *giggling* Here was my conversation (DH is a truckdriver, so takes place over the phone):

    Me: Hi, where are you going today?

    Him: Texas. What's that sound in the background?

    Me: What noise? Oh, the kids are playing.

    Him: Hmmm. I hear a chick. Sounds younger than what we have. Did you buy another one?!

    Me: *in shock he could hear the bantam cochin over the kids and semi* Ummmm.

    Him: .........*heavy silence*........

    [​IMG] He likes to poke fun at the poor little roo now! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. leearealake

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    Apr 26, 2009
    went to a fleamarket sunday have 2 more baby silkies and 1 fuzzy blackbunny(HAHA) no hubby(hahaha)[​IMG]

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    I discovered a bycer who was selling chickens. So, I emailed her. She told me what she had, I told her what she wanted and got directions to her place. Then I told my husband, "Oh yeah. We're going *here* tomorrow."

    He asked why, and I told him. He stared and spluttered, but I explained quite nicely that if *he* could buy a 500.00 game system, and have a 200.00 speeding ticket from being dumb, then he could Shush about my 60.00 worth of chickens. ...He shushed.

    Then fun part was that we went from 5 chickens to an even dozen. We're placing the RSL roo tomorrow, with another family. The rest? Staying. So I effectively more than doubled our flock size in one outing. Score for me, though I doubt I can pull that off again any time soon.
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  6. Sequin

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    May 20, 2008
    Ok, so hubby came home and I was asleep with the new little chicks. I love napping with them... Anyway, I don't think he noticed, and if he did, he didn't say anything. He was grumpy over something, but I didn't ask. They are all set up in the brooder out in the chicken room. I am not sure how many we have now, but we have Way more than the "few extra" we planned on getting this year. Let me count... 4 BA from last year, 7 BO, I think 9 EE, 3 SS, 2 bantams, and now 4 RSL. How many is that? ... 29? PHEW - that's a LOT of chickens. I need to be done for a while now. I need what, like 300sq ft. to keep them healthy and happy?! Oh boy... [​IMG] Good thing we have some space!

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