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  1. Daniek

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    Aug 10, 2014

    This will be a 4' x 6' house that can be broken down into 7 sections. We are doing it this way because we rent and will need to take it with us when we move, or sell it.

    The ends, with the nesting boxes and the other with the chicken door and ladder came from a 4' x 4' coop we bought and could not get into the back yard. That's OK, I wanted to build one that was 4' x6' anyway.

    My son and I have made many mistakes, like the floor. It is built as one piece and connected to the 4x4 corner posts in fence brackets and screwed in. What I should have done was made the top level with the 2x4 on the end. instead we put the brackets on the 4x4 post with the top level with the 2x4 on the end panels so the plywood floor is higher, so we cut flooring for the end 2x4's so crud would not accumulate and make it easier to clean. When/if we need to reassemble we will lower the new brackets making it all flush.

    We then prefabbed the front and back walls and screwed them into the 4x4 posts and the floor.

    We are currently prefabbing 2 roof panels that will be on a frame that will be fit like a cap and will be secured by screws into the 4x4 posts at the top. There will be a 1 ft overhang all around. Both the roof and the floor will be sealed with Blackjack 57. Last, we will side it all.

    To disassemble we will remove the roof and separate the panels, unscrew the front and back walls and remove, unscrew and remove the floors and that just leaves the 2 end walls that would now be freestanding.

    Only thing left is to reassemble on new site.

    Well.... that's the plan anyway. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

    BTW. Red is already using the nesting boxes

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    Jul 30, 2014
    Houston, Texas
    I'm building a new coop very similar in size also with panels that are bolted together. Be careful of the weight of the sections. One of my panels with side nests integrated into it was way more than I felt comfortable for a two person lift. Fortunately I have a good CAD package that allowed me to accurately estimate the weight easily. I ended up making the nest box and panel separable.
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    Hi there, and [​IMG]

    That is a very clever method of having chickens while one is renting or other such circumstances. I think it a wonderful solution and despite what you see as errors, it is and has been a marvelous teaching tool for your son and you. I like the 4 by 6 size as well and you will not regret having that extra length for your birds. I gathered some interesting ideas from your photos and text. Thank you.

    Best to you and your birds,

  4. itsmed55

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    Dec 6, 2014
    Hi Dan,
    I'm new to raising chickens also. I am building a 4 by 6 coop too. Looks like you and your son are off to a good start. Your coop looks great. What a great way to spend time with your son. Best wishes.

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