It's all DH's fault!!


14 Years
Oct 30, 2007
Simpsonville, SC
That I came home with 23 cute day old RIR! I walked in for big chicken food, and heard this I followed the sound and immediatly saw all these cute little babies!!!! I called DH to rub it in that I was seeing chicks (because we just ordered from MMH and they won't be here for quiet a while) and he said what kind? So I told him and he said, ok get them!

I said, "How many?"

he said, "How many do they have?"

My 7 yr old counted them in record time, I have no idea how, but he got it right!

I told him 23. He said, "Ok, get them."

"Get them? How many of them?"

He said, "All of them!"

LOL, so without further are 'all of them'

THey had just come in on Monday and I bought 23. I'm curious how many they got total, but I walked up to the check out and told the girl, "I bet you'll never guess what I have in this box!"

I also got 3 free waterers too!

Here are my Rhode Island Reds!

umm my TS is going to get chicks/ducklings on the 23 of this month - whatever you gave DH for breakfast to make him " take all of them " please let me know - so I can get my DH in the " take all of them " mood when we go to look at the babies LOL

you are so lucky - I wonder how many are roos LOL

what a box full of cutness

1. IT's always DH's fault- LOL LOL (everyone knows that)

2. Yes please advise as how we get the DH in the "Take em all!!!" Mode!!!!

3. your chicks are all adorable....I think I'll have to get even more now!

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