its been 22 days and still no hatch


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May 29, 2012
its the 22day of our 7 pekin hen eggs being sat on by my lovely chicken Nero. Its her first time and clearly she wants to be a mum badly so we got her these firtile eggs. Its day 22 and still nothing, i candleed them on day 19 and some of them had chicks in them so whats going on? is there a chance they could still hatch?
her tummy is not as warm as the other broody hens so this could mean the temp they are under is not as hot as usual.
Is there anything i can do?
It can take a day or two longer for eggs to hatch if the incubating/body temp is lower than 99.5° F so I would give the eggs another day or two anyway. Good luck, and let us know how everything turns out.
no they didnt :( do you think she will stay broody long enough if i get her some more eggs?
She might but I personally wouldn't do it because it would be too hard on her and she may not survive, especially with us heading into the cooler months. She's already lost weight (they always do when they go broody), and the longer she says on the nest, the more she will lose. On a failed hatch, I break the hen up for at least a month right afterward so that she can regain some of that lost weight.
we had one very stubborn hen last year who wouldnt stop being broody no matter what we did - we put her belly in a little cool water, we removed her eggs, we kept takeing her off the nest but she always went back. Is there anything i can do for this girl if she starts showing signs of being weak - my dad got her some eggs again before i read this post and now im worried about her but he wants to try again. If she gets weak i want to take her off coz i dont want to loose her :s

also some good news! i was talking to a local farmer about the problem i had with the pekin eggs and he magically produced one for me - FOR FREE!!! :D apparently someone just dumped her and 2 others in a box over his fence 2 days ago. So now i still have managed to get a pekin hehehe just what i wanted :D
We tried day olds once in the past with a different hen and she killed them :( i sure she had accepted them but she hadn't so after that nasty experience i don't want to do that again

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