Its been a while


12 Years
Jan 23, 2008
Its been so long since i moved from Va , having to get rid of all my poultry. Im thinking about getting some type of chicken , not to noisy , not to big . just for my pet . i miss 'em . any breed suggestions ?
It depends on what your goal is in keeping chickens. If you want eggs everyday from your chickens then Red sexlinks/golden comets, are the way to go. If you are into interesting heritage birds, then right now the Marans are by far the most popular. If you are into cute then maybe a Silkie or Polish Crested would be the way to go.
I LOVE my golden comets. They're nice, lay good eggs, and are pretty. I also like chanteclers, if it's cold at your house (I didn't check your location) they're good in low temps. I also like delawares, they're pretty and lay well too. RIRs are classic, and but for just a pet, you should get a silkie. mellow, quiet and FLUFFY!

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