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    Four years ago today my first chickens hatched and on the 19th of this year I will have had chickens for 4 years (shipping time). They arrived at 2 days old and scared me out of my mind. That these 22 tiny little things where all mine to care for, no mother or anything. But I got through it raised them hatched their babies and let them hatch their own babies. But today due to a few things (major predators attacks , two roosters butchered, and a few random deaths) only one of those orginal birds is left. My cuckoo maran who has been a lovely girl and a good mother over those four years, happy birthday girl.
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    Awe, that's got to be so tough loosing them when you hand raise them like that. I dread the day I have to face that music. Your Cuckoo Marans is beautiful. I bought one as a baby chick nearly a year and a half ago but sadly, she turned out to be a he.

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