It's CONTEST Time - BYC Bumper Stickers!!!!


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Jan 3, 2007
The BYC Bumper Stickers are ready for you!

My Pet Makes Me Breakfast
It's Cheep Therapy
My Chicken Is An Honor Student At
Chillin With My Peeps

The stickers should arrive by 05/10. Here are the images for the sticker designs so far:


Hi my peeps...everyone old and new!!!! Starting today we are having a "Design the bumper sticker" contest!
The contest is open to everyone, and the winning choice will get a special prize from ME!!!

What we're looking for is:

1) Art work to go on the bumper stickers
2) Short one liners for the bumper stickers. Like "Have you hugged..." and "Got Chickens?" etc.

The stickers will probably be 11.5 x 3 inches.

The rules....
1) No plagerism. Originality is a must!
2) Entries must be submitted on this thread only
3) Entries must not be posted elsewhere till a winner is chosen..(kind of like the "pic of the week")

All entries must be submitted by Mar. 21

OK? Then LET'S GO!!!!


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Dec 26, 2006
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My Coop
Cindi, GREAT idea, I LOVE IT!!!

As an added point, all submissions should incorporate the website

The main goal of the bumper stickers is to promote our love of raising chickens and get new friends into this community.

About a month ago I had some 2" x 17" magnets printed for our two cars. They both simply say, "". The website name, without any images or taglines is pretty darn self explanatory. You'd be amazed at how many people have come up to me and my wife saying either:

"BackyardChickens? That sounds like fun!"


"Hey... I've got chickens in my backyard!"

I'd love to see a ton of suggestions posted for artwork and/or taglines. We'll probably choose 2 of them to get mass printed on 11.5" x 3" bumper stickers which will be available in both regular adhesive and magnetic!

BTW, if we get some good suggestions we'll probably end up using them on the next batch of shirts, mugs, etc.

Get those creative juices flowing!


Feb 16, 2007
Peoria IL
Dont know if your limited to colors or what....

(forgot who's chick pick it is so not claiming it as mine)

just give me credit me for the tag line... (ie feel free to put it on any background of chicks you want)


I stop for hot chicks (on a background of chicks)


Pic of hen faceing right on left edge, Chicken or the Egg? pic of a nest of eggs on right

Photoshop a chicken "hitched" in front of a tractor pull sled (tag line to the right) My chicken tractor!
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Mr. Ree

Feb 7, 2007
South Central, KY
How bout something like this....(Suppost to be like a medicne add or something.)

"Had all you can take?"

"Everything seem to be going wrong?"

"Wish life wasnt so hard sometimes?"

"Now, something that can cure it all...."


"Side effects are major and may lead to hatchery orders, outrageous spendings, coop building, egg hatching, & chicken pampering. Read pamplet for full list of side effects. Talk to your doctor before starting this regiment"


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Jan 3, 2007
Keep them coming, oh my peeps....I want ALL of your creativity..!


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Jan 15, 2007
Shepherdstown, WV
Can we submit more than one?
If so, here is my first (it's rough, my scanner is working so-so at moment so had to add egg shape by mouse):

If OK for more than one idea, I have a variation of this one and also a funky chicken too....

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