its finally warming up


7 Years
Jul 8, 2012
North Dakota
i looked at my 7 day forecast. i celebrated as i saw it was increasing to 60 degrees soon. my messy chickens can finally get out of my greenhouse. im tired of them pooping all over it. my question is that the low is 45 degrees. they've had it in the greenhouse at 40 degrees with a heat lamp and they've made it. i'm not sure if they've been using the heat lamp, but its there. another question: do my geese need to feather before they can go out. they're already at 4 weeks old bigger than my chickens, but i don't think they are feathered very much. please them and my ducks are entering the messy stage i want them out as soon as possible. (i wont even ask about my ducks as they are only 3 weeks old, unless you know something i dont{which is possible}).

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