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Dec 22, 2008
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Okay friends,
I know you have heard this a million times but I have tried for a year to incubate some eggs. I first a giant homemade one that was given to me that makes a better bator for plants than chicks as I never got one hatch. I got a I think its called a Little Man and couldnt get the temp to set. So now on my third batch....and I threw away 20 eggs the other day I heard my first Pip from three eggs due to hatch today. I thought I was losing my mind as the egg wiggled a bit then wiggled alot more and then.....the beautiful sound. I am very excited. I am trying not to as I have read that sometimes they struggle coming out or die, and i would feel crushed now that I have heard the sound. But anyway, I HEARD my baby. YEAH!!! Just wanted to share.


Yippee! Go baby go!
Keep us posted and we need PICS!
So around midnight is when I first heard them. Its 10 now. It sounds like scratching going on in there and chirping. I finally understand when everyone else was sharing their joy of hearing the first PIP, i could only imagine what it was. You should have seen me. I was so excited, that when I first heard it, thought I was crazy, then I heard it again and said out loud, "They were right" and then began jumping through my house and woke the kids up. These are mixed breed babies, brown Americauna with a buff orpington/fryer cross dad.

Will share picures too as soon as the enter the world.

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