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    Every Thanksgiving & Christmas I host the dinners for the past 25+ years. I don't do early dinners, I'm not getting up at 5 am to cook. I think it's great for those that do, but I'm not one of them. My Sis & BIL know that. Anyway, I told everyone to come by at 3. My bro & SIL came by at the appointed time. (I haven't seen them for Thanksgiving in a few years) Sis & BIL come by a little after that. Bro brought over a HUGE appetizer, and I had everything cooked and ready to go. Sis says: Oh, good so we won't be eating at 8:00? [​IMG] I let it roll off my back. A little while later her hubby made an even ruder comment which made me decide that they were talking about this before they even came over to eat here. ( Well, you don't have to come here if you don't like it, cook your own turkey dinner.) OK.... We're all together to have fun right? BIL had the resentful look all afternoon. [​IMG]

    I wanted to do the BYC Tudy contest with the group at the dinning room table before dinner, when it looked nice, but my camera batteries failed. No problem, we'll do it after dinner. BIL stayed in the dinning room as Mr. Grumpypants while we're in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner. Dinner's over...Sis says where's the dark meat, BIL likes dark meat. On the kitchen table, didn't he see it? So now I've really sunk low in the ratings....meanwhile we're all set and taking pics with Tudy. It was fun. I thought so, anyway.

    The next day I felt so hurt that I deleted the photos of my family with Tudy. I saved this one because she really appreciated the turkey dinner and everything I did to make it nice.


    Families, aren't they great? Here's where I get real mature: [​IMG]
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    Water off a ducks back, girl! If you had a truly dysfunctional family (parental and sibling units) as I used to, you'd disown them as I did years ago. With my kids grown (five and they have bgun increasing) and me working at midnight on Thanksgiving, my youngest son worked till 11pm, we had dinner at 11:30pm;) Since my only duckling was hatched by its parents late in the year, the duck had never had a chance to learn or to try swimming. I filled the bathtub and put some of the aquarium fish's declorinator in and had a fun day watching and helping "Quackers" swim in the bathtub and then held Quackers while he/she dried. All the hunting dogs (four weimaraners and 2 goldens) were nosing the bottom of the bathroom door, too. Hope this cheers you up:)
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    What? No screaming, no yelling, no outrageous accusations about what you alledgedly did when you were 14? That's one reason we stay home these days. [​IMG]

    BIL can kiss grits, and you get [​IMG] ! Beautiful table, and we eat later too- otherwise, everyone sleeps the afternoon and evening away. Really a pretty table there!

    Hi Tudy!

    P.S.- Sis needs to have a little chat with Mr. Dependent and Sulky.
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    Quote:And this is where I cheer because my biological family is back east. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks guys......I had to spill here, my head felt all explodey otherwise.....ah sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..........less pressure! [​IMG]
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    sorry for rude family. we always get to the host house early enough to be handed a spoon or knife and a recipe. no one makes the whole thing. btw - you have a beautiful dining room table and chairs!!
  7. OrpingtonManor

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    Quote:sounds like Sis was part of the problem.
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    Lunachick... I totally get you....

    I have been hosting for "only" 10 years and it was always a big deal holiday to me. Now two of my adult step-children opt out so we have a small group actually. And if you can overlook my FIL basic rudness and bigotry (which after 84 years alive I don't think will change soon). It was okay.

    Do what you want, make it known, and let them decide if they want to participate or not.

    When my step-son told me he "had to work" in the tone of "your meal could be my last on earth and I still wouldn't come" I was hurt, but tried to let it roll.

    Your table is beautiful, BTW... and I don't do early dinners either - show up at 3:00 and you'll have a nice time with us!

    And FWIW, one of our chickens is named Luna!
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    Quote:sounds like Sis was part of the problem.

    You got it Orp! (thank you!)
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    [​IMG] Cypress! Welcome to BYC!

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