It's name the ducklings time!


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
EchoingAcres, MN
Now that my babies are 7 weeks old and I have some idea on sex, it's time to name them! (in the pic they are only six weeks old) The black one center back is a boy and the blue one on the left is a boy, the chocolate and the two other blacks are girls and the other blue I'm not sure on (it sort of quacks but it sort of hiss's). I will try to get better pics of them.
I just picked up 2 bantam East Indies ducklings and I think I am going to name them collectively Millie Vanilli. I'm still mulling it over. I liked Dr. Quin and Medicine Woman (joke from Talladega Nights) but that is just too much of a mouthful for 5 pounds of bird.

I love coming up with names!

Khufu and Khafre are my 2 male Red Golden pheasants (named after the Pharaohs who built the Great Pyramids). They even look like Pharaohs!
i like ebony for one of the black ones and maybe brook or storm or dove for a blue one? the chocolate could be spice. for the black drake maybe onyx? you could have onyx and ebony, that would be cute. maybe the other black hen could be sapphire.
I like the theme idea, I could name them all after rocks or something
My Marans are all named after flowers, my EE's all have random names (my friends little bro helped name them) and my cochins have random names too(a friend helped name them). My ducks I had before(that got killed by a mink) were Bailey, Ripley, Keeley and Harle.
I have thought of naming one shake and the other bake (also from Talladega).

I have named my ducks after characters in literature. I had a Moby Duck and Huckleberry. The older adults I have are named Daisy, Elfalba, Eliza, Scout, and Pip.
We have a name theme similar to that but it's characters from movies and tv shows. For exapmle our runner ducks names were Tiberius and Spock Star Trek. Our mallard names were Hon and leah star Wars. Our new ducks names are Sophie, Howl and Calsifer from Howls moving Castle.

Pick a show you like and your favorite characters and use those names.
I named my 3 latest additions after characters in Big Bang Theory. Meet Amy Farrah Fowler, Bernadette, and Penny

I named mine after Fraggle Rock: Gobel, Wembly, Boober, Red and Mokie.
Not that they pay attention when I call them by name.

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