It's never easy...poor chickie...


10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
I had 100% hatch on my chickies that finished hatching yesterday. All 10 chicks were fine this morning and we were gone most of the day. We came back tonight and one chicks head was hung over and it wasn't standing up. It's legs were straight out if front of him. We picked it up and it opened it's eyes and his head came right up. I put it back in the brooder and it was slumping over again. Hubby said to see if it would perk up with some electrolyte water if not he would put him out of misery. So I watched with my head hung over the brooder for a while then went to do some things, came back and poor chickie was on his back, legs straight up and shaking. Hubby took care of him. This is the bad part of raising chickens but it is something that goes along with it. I am thinking it had something neurologically wrong with him??
A few weeks ago we had to cull a rooster that was about 2 months old. His entire left side just gave out one day. He could not stand up and he would kick his leg trying to get up but that was all he could do. He was my sons favorite chicken so I put him in a box and put some food and water by his head so he could eat but wanted my son to be able to say goodbye.
Do others find weird things like this happen to your own chicks? Paralyzed in just a short time?


11 Years
May 10, 2008
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I'm sorry. It's never easy. Sorry for your loss.

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