Its no wonder that I have anxiety....

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    DH's buddy called on Thursday and wanted to know if DH could take a road trip with him to Lexington on Saturday. Great idea! Then I can get some Serama from Jessi at BlueGrass.

    Buddy has a dental appt at 9am so they leave here at 3am to get there.

    Plan is for DH to run and meet Jessi at 9:30 while buddy is getting his work done..its a 2 hour procedure. Jessi arranges her whole morning to accomodate this.

    I start calling DH's phone at 7:30 to make sure all is going according to plan and it goes to voicemail. Very weird.

    At 9am I get a call from DH who is calling from buddy's phone. He has managed to lose his BlackBerry somewhere between here and Lexington KY. OMG! Then he tells me that buddy is now not wanting him to leave him alone at dentist office to go meet Jessi. In fairness, buddy has controlled paranoid schizophrenia and sometimes its just rough.

    But now I am totally freaked since Jessi has left a show/sale early to meet DH and now he cant meet her til after the appt and I KNOW that she has plans for 11:00.

    I am going to have to take a pill...

    Why is that the best laid plans can so easily go to heck in a handbasket so easily?

    So, Jessi if you read this....I am sooooo soooo sorry!
    DH if you read this....!^&^%$#!!!!!!!

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    Oh dear [​IMG] He LOST the blackberry? The world is now ending.
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    Yep....and when we got the phones, we insured mine cause I lose or break everything but he NEVER does so his is not insured. Ugh!

    The good news is....The Serama are safe and sound in their new home [​IMG]

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