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Nov 9, 2007
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KiKi is on a diet - 3/4 cup of food a day spaced out in 3 - 1/4 cup feedings; at 10 am, 6 pm and 2 am (when we go to bed).
Yesterday and today, she's come to me and sat first on my shoulder and then on top of my head trying to get me to refill her dish early.
I gave in this evening and gave her the 1/4 cup at 5:40 PM instead of 6 PM.
That food is gone now and she's back on my head!
Help me be strong!
LOL Wait till she gets really hungry..
Is she de-clawed?
Ummm, nope.
Now she's jumped down and is loving on the puppy. What she doesn't realize is that he doesn't have opposable (sp?) thumbs either. She can love on him all she wants. He can't open the food storage tote either.
Is kiki overweight? Is that why she's on a diet? You could always try putting a little canned pumpkin in her food. It helps to fill them up. When our dogs were put on a diet we would either mix in canned pumpkin, cooked rice, or green beans. You may try the pumpkin or rice but I don't think she'd go for the green beans.
Yep, she's gained 4 pounds since we adopted her in late June. She was scrawny from being abandoned and trying to raise kittens on her own when we adopted her.
I have to be careful of what I feed her, since she has a sensitive tummy.
I'm just glad that she hasn't realized that Kitty's bowl is nearly always full - I feed them in seperate locations - since Kitty is a light eater.
Are you feeding her science diet? It is pricey so I am guessing no. However, the food is densly made and a cat only needs 1/2cup a day.

ETA: I don't use it and I have a fat cat...
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I'm feeding both her and Kitty something that both of them are doing excellent on; even KiKi with her sensitive GI tract. It's made by meow mix and it's called Wholesome Goodness. It has no corn gluten in it, which I think was KiKi's main problem. My vet was so impressed with the improvement after starting this food, she asked me to call her with the name of it after she saw KiKi last time.
They both look great, but KiKi would eat until she busted if I let her. I think cuz she starved when she had kittens on her.
I tried both Iams and science diet. Neither cat would touch them. What good is a great food if you can't get them to touch it, that's my thinking.
ETA: To change him to her, unless there's something about KiKi I don't know.
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Poor Kiki, feed the poor cat! She's hungry... HUNGRY!!! I tell you. Feed her... Kiki needs food.... Must have food now...

I used to have a cat that we got from the Humane society. She had so many parasites and diseases it was pitiful. She was a sickly baby. She was obsessed with her food, if she could see the bottom of the dish, woe betide the person who didn't rush in and fill the dish. Sweet Punky Doodle! I miss her, but she never got over her food issues.

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