Its not spraddle leg. Is this chick going to need to be culled? *no!!*


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I have more pics of this little guy. Its not spraddle leg and i dont think it should be treated as such. Im so worried about him. He seems to try to put weight on it, but prefers not to. The toes do sometimes flex back and forth...but not alot. his foot is sort of folded in half and the way the joint is it makes the leg kind of stick out from his body.

I imagine if he wasnt in pain he would just put his weight on it all the time and it wouldnt be an issue. I am afraid the knee joint may be fused this way. What do i do now? I posted earlier but that was before i had gotten him home. Now i have a more in depth look at him and i have no freaking clue what to do. he is breaking my heart into a hundred peices.






if this can begin to be splinted or something i would like to get it done tonight as i am leaving for the weekend tomorrow. PLEASE HELP THIS LITTLE GUY. i feel soooooo badly for him.
i dont even think the pictures show how bad he really looks on this leg...
I had a chick that was born with a foot that looked kinda like I cut a piece of card board a bit bigger than the foot and then turned the foot down to where it needed to be and taped it with paper tape to the card board. It could walk great and run around with the other chicks a few weeks later I took it off and the foot stayed. So you might try that hope you can fix it.
thank you. so the leg was messed up but you were able to fix the foot so he could walk? i think im going to take this guy to a vet tomorrow and if they cant do anything i will try a boot so he can at least walk better...
Yes I was able to fix mine. If your vet is not able to do anything stop somewhere and buy what's called paper tape it's with all the other first aid crap is. I use paper tape cause it won't pull out any feathers when you take it off. If you need anymore help send me a pm and I will do my best.

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